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So a few months ago the ever sexy Scott Woods made a post about comic books that should be made into movies (as a follow up, presumably to Watchmen being released). I thought about his list a lot and either began reading or rereading the books contained therein. It is not hard to capture my interest-- especially since a bunch of the books were created by or written by Warren Ellis at some point in time.

And if you've been paying attention, I'm really enjoying Powers, which I'd avoided because I didn't like the look of it. I picked up and am still working through Cages by Dave McKean and I am re-reading The Authority because when it came out the first time, it was something I only picked up sporadically. I did not have much of a concept of it really. I liked the storylines, but always felt I was missing something (I was).

In the panels above, a group of soldiers from an alternate earth (an alien hybrid society where culture did not advance past renaissance court culture, but technology did due to the overt contact with aliens) attack the three female members of the team as they're discussing the reality that the adversary that the team faces will turn all of earth into a rape camp. The scan is a little blurry, but click through to see the dialogue.

This comic is done a decompression style and in addition to being incredibly interesting, it doesn't knock me over the head with character bios. I'm not a fan of being asked to IMMEDIATELY LIKE any character. If I were actually do this movie? I'd do it in vignettes ala Cat's Eye or Paris J'taime.

Anyway, I was thinking about what sort of actors I'd cast in this movie and this is what I was thinking:

Jenny Sparks, the Spirit of the Twentieth Century, the group's founder and original leader:

Jenny Sparks is scary. So scary she's definitely necessary as a character in the movie (even though she dies early in the series). She is arrogant, brash and calculating-- all things that strike me about Larter. She has always seemed cold and hard-- like if I were to have sex with her, it would be like having sex with a marble statue. Also? Playing a 100 year old woman works for her.

Alternate: Nicole Kidman

Apollo, "the Sun God"

Apollo is a good boy/Superman composite and he's married to the Midnighter. I think Van Der Beek fits the selfless all American gay boy pretty well.

Midnighter, "Night's Bringer of War"

So Midnighter is a composite of Batman and Apollo's husband. What I like about Pasdar is that I think he'd be able to be all "I've already beaten you..." as well as in love with Apollo AND not nearly as tough shit as he thinks he is.

Jeroen Thorndike, the Doctor:

Ok. I know this incarnation of the Doctor is a Dutch, I'd love for Ken Leung to get this role. I think he'd SMASH as the super reluctant, troubled man that learns that 'magic is just change'. In the event that the white community cries about their lack of representation (as they did on the rumor that Priyanka Chorpa would be cast as Wonder Woman, a person made of clay) I'd suggest Robert Pattison as an alternate-- for no other reason than I think he's probably high right now. After all, it's only lack of representation if it is a white character is played by a non-white character.

Oh, and I'd totally cast Naveen Andrews as Habib ben Hassan. Or not. He'd be a little long in the tooth... but he's still sexy.

Angela Spica, the Engineer

The Engineer is my FAVORITE character. I love the idea of this person who replaced her blood with nanobots. I love anything with nanobots. She's in the panel above saying 'whatever' before slaughtering a group of alternate earth people with her machine gun arm. It is the fact that I love this character so much that makes my casting choice, which is influenced mostly by Michelle Rodriguez's hotness and my ultimate desire to get into her pants, so sad. But I don't know. Maybe she'd kill it. If not, she'd wear a metal bodysuit that accentuates her nipples in the movie.

Shen Li-Min, a.k.a. Swift.

She is called the "fastest winged mammal on the planet." She has flown fast enough to catch superspeedsters.

The only reason that I'd choose Liu here is because of her performance in Kill Bill. Shen is a badass from way back and Liu has at least demonstrated that she's got the chops for that sort of badassery. Plus, I buy Liu having sex with Jenny Sparks and it working.

Alternate: Michelle Yeoh is another obvious choice. Would I buy her as Swift? Yes. Would I buy her as Shen? Maybe not.

Jack Hawksmoor, "King of Cities":

Yeah, you probably knew it was coming.
Quinto is brooding enough to feel the pain of entire cities, believably strong enough to bark out orders after the Spirit of the 20th century dies, and he is charming enough to be a womanizer-- even with his character's severely deformed genitals. I even chose this photo for the express purpose of demonstrating that he does smile. See? Charming!
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